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Welcome to SuperGamesFree.com, the home of all epic online slots that are free to play to you. Whether it be free play so you trial the game or its free play spins (free spins) when you register a new account! All the information you will need is right here on our pages. If you should find the answer you are looking for please let us know and our Slots Guru’s will get right on it to find you the perfect answer.

Online slots have exploded in its popularity over the past years, it’s was always a popular past time by many but it seems to become very popular among everyone these days. Seeing there are so many to choose from, where do you start?

We are here to help you and guide you through the mine field that is online slots. As there is such a choice out there its helps to know what you like, in order to focus your aim and get to where you want to be quicker! That however isn’t always the case as you probably are aware and have found out already. Hence you are here, with us. That’s a great start as what we don’t know about online slots you can write on the back of a stamp!

An Intro to Online Slots

1. Let’s get started then, firstly let discuss what a slot actually is, what differences you will find, etc. Slots are games made of spinning reals with different symbols on each real, they spin and stop in sequence and the aim is to get matching symbols to win an allocated prize depending on the symbol. You may also encounter a wild card symbols which to be honest could be anything these days, but you will know which one it is. This will help match more symbols without having the symbol if you know what i mean!.

2. Each slot will differ in the way you win with its different symbols, also the win lines will vary also. Most of the slots these days will allow you to change the amount of win lines, but this will decrease you chance of winning, obviously! You are also able to change your stake amount for each individual round if you so wish. (Your stake amount is the amount of coins/chips you are prepared to play with on that particular round on the slot) Also another thing to look out for are the number of spinning reals there are also, some have 3, some 4 and some 5. Also, some of these reals many spin backwards, as well as seem to fall off the screen rather than round and round.

3. That’s another thing is that the slots of today differ very much to the good old “one arm bandits” that they are all based on today. You can still find the “classic” slots as they are called today in most online casinos. These are still very much so in demand from all ages. As well as the popular video slots of today. Which are getting more and more complex, with more ways to win and bigger and better bonus features, and mega jackpots up to Millions being won by individuals on very small stakes as little as just a few pounds.

4. Once you have figured out the kind of slot you would like to take for a spin then its ready to rock and roll, then the question will be which online casino will you choose? As there are hundreds to choose from, all being a little different to the next. Best thing to do is try the first one you find and see how you get on. Make sure that you will choose an online casino with a payment method that suits your needs! We will guide you every step of the way.

So, you now are familiar with what you are doing, how it all works and what you want to spend, right?


Fantasy Online Slots Rule!

We didn’t even mention the fantasy slots that are engulfing the market today. Every kind of slot you can think of is being produced today for the pleasure of the hundreds of thousands of online players.

Fantasy slots are bringing to life the weird and the wonderful, the familiar and not so, in many forms you will see these online casinos just filled to the brim with the likes of Thor the Norse god of thunder to Poseidon the Greek god of the Oceans. You will see Dragons and Dragon Hunters, as well as Troll Hunters. Witches, fairies and even pixies will have you spinning around their mystical lair. The Great Gods and the myths of Egypt are revealed in many slots, giving you a tour of the Great Pyramids and its treasures. Traveling with the great Gonzo on his great quest for Spanish gold may be your thing? Let’s go the other way and you will find Vampires and ghouls and creepy things that crawl in the night, hoping you will accidentally fall across their path laden with the promise of gems and riches. You will find an abundant of many different characters to guide you along your Slot journey.

So, as you can see, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the theme of these popular online slots. These slots are made by a few of the industry kings, but none no more famous that NetEnt slots developer who deliver again and again in succession with these brilliant online games. They have been going now for over 20 years and will continue to pleasure and surprise its ever-increasing audience of online spinners!

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