Slots Games Online Payment Methods Overview

There is a veritable smorgasbord of online Payment Methods available today and most Online Casinos offer you a broad range of these to choose from. Though there are some pretty good ‘all-rounders’ on the market nowadays, sadly there is still no single option to suit everyone’s needs. Before you can play at an Online Casino you are usually required to make a payment and each and every different payment option will carry its own variation of terms and conditions which you must follow when making deposits or withdrawals.

Some will offer lower fees than other whilst others will offer you quicker deposits and speedier withdrawals. Some will claim to be the most secure, whilst others are more wildly available. To help you find what’s online payment method is the best for you we thought it’d be nice to give you a bit of a heads up and outline here a few of the top, most accessible methods.


Accepted in more than 200 countries across the globe and by nearly every Online Casino you can find Visa is easily one of the most recognisable brands available and should be readily accepted whenever you can see the Visa logo. Though the precise terms and conditions of each specific card are set by the ‘issuer’ the majority of Visa cards fall into 4 main types credit, debit, prepaid and gift card. When adding funds to your Online Account via Visa the most straightforward approach is probably with the Visa credit card, though the amount you’ll be allowed to deposit will depend on both your own credit score and the rules of the Online Casino site itself. Some sites for example may only allow the use of the prepaid Visa card when making deposits with them.
Other than the ease of use and wide availability, the main advantage of choosing to use Visa over other methods is that in most cases it allows you to make much bigger transactions. A nice secondary bonus is that many of the Visa card providers offer you the opportunity to accumulate points when you choose to spend through them which you can accumulate and turn into free gifts or even cashback in some instances.


Established back in the 1960’s as ‘’The new way to make payments’’ MasterCard has been a chief payments provider on and offline ever since and can also be used to make and receive payments at the majority of Online Casino’s. Having a reputation for quality and assurance to uphold you can be assured that any sites where you can use Mastercard have been checked over for your safety. If you’re after an extra layer of security, then you can also use MasterCard to add funds to accounts with other online payment providers such as Neteller or Skrill and then make further deposits through them.
Like with Visa, MasterCard comes in various versions of card credit, debit, prepaid and gift cards being the main ones. It’s also worth shopping about with different providers to find the ones who’ll give you the best deals and bonuses when you spend through them as you can pick up some nice little extras.


A massively popular online eWallet choice PayPal has over 188 million users across the globe today. Only linking itself with operators who are fully licenced you can be assured that if you see the PayPal symbol, at whichever online casino you’re on, then they are a reputable and well trusted site. A big advantage, in terms of privacy, is that when using PayPal no-one you make transactions with will have access to any of your bank account details or personal information. Also, although PayPal may charge slightly higher fees than other Wallet providers their transactions are usually instantaneous. Setting up an account is free, easy and quick and for deposits and withdrawals PayPal are a really good and solid bet.


Now available in over 180 countries and supporting all major global currencies, since its beginning in 1999, Neteller has established itself as one of the world leading online payment methods. Well respected and trusted to provide safe, secure online transactions with its exceptional payments transfer service Neteller really does have your back.
It’s free to register, payments are easy to make and their user-friendly website and 24/7 customer service, means continued use will be a clear, easy and without stress.


The most commonly used eWallet in the world, Skrill makes the online transactions process simple for users everywhere. Skrill also provide instant deposits and withdrawals and have a really high level of security, displaying their VeriSign SSL Certificate whenever they are used on a website. It’s free and easy to open an account and their customer support services not only offer 24/7 availability but also offer it in 12 languages. They also offer all manner of bonus and extra incentive the way Visa, MasterCard and other Premium Credit Cards do. With more that 36 million account holders Skrill know their stuff and know how to keep their users happy.
There are myriad other commendable Online Payment Providers available. We have here just outlined a handful of the most widely used to give you an idea of what to expect. We encourage you to do your own research so as to be better informed before making the decision of which one best suits you and your specific needs.