Secrets of Atlantis

Dive deep down to the depths and discover the hidden Secrets of Atlantis. What can we say, with this 5-reel, 4-row, 40-line (fixed) video slot NetEnt has done it again. Secrets of Atlantis is a beautifully designed 3D slot with a wonderful, ethereal, mystical quality which perfectly fits its name and theme.

There are 10 bet levels to choose from, at 20 coins per level. You can easily you’re your bet level using the LEVEL selector. You can also change to various different coin values by using the COIN VALUE selector. The COINS box shows you how many coins you have available to wager with.

Symbols in Secrets of Atlantis

The symbols in Secrets of Atlantis are gorgeously finished and range in value depending on whether you get Three, Four or Five on a Payline. Perfectly preserved and protected within glistening, treasure-like bubbles we find the Sea turtle, Crab and Jellyfish Icons. At 3x, 6x and 15x, depending on number to a payline, these hold the lowest value. Though, off game, it’s of note that in terms of design, nowhere since Will Smith starred in 2008 film Seven Pounds have jelly fish been portrayed in such a glorious light as they are here – well done NetEnt!

Next in value come the Sapphire (5x,12x,50x), Emerald (6x,14x,60x) and Ruby (7x,16x,70x) encrusted golden brooches. These in themselves have a very solid and tangible look which add even more weight to the design and feel of the game.

Giant, golden Pearl Clams at 20x, 50x, and 400x, are the highest in value and add an even more luxury feel to the stunning whole. As well as adding massive value to your potential wins!

A big Bonus feature in this slot is the Wild which is of course a sultry, yet tastefully clad, golden tailed mermaid; who, when in play, takes up a full reel, helpfully nudging herself into place whenever she partially appears and always adding to your win potential.


What is the Colossal Symbol?

Another way this marvellous slot game add to your winning opportunity is with the exciting new Colossal Symbol Re-spin feature. When activated the second, third and fourth reels all become a single symbol, covering a 3×4 square in the middle of the screen, reels then spin again For Free, giving you the chance to match up symbols on reels 1 and 5 with the ‘Colossal Icon’. When this happens multiple paylines are triggered leading to some colossal prize totals!

Another great slot from NetEnt

In all we feel that Secrets of Atlantis is a really beautifully presented slot. NetEnt have made it a very exiting journey into the depths, whilst still making it easy and fun to play. It has some rather impressive new features which we are sure you will enjoy time and time again. Winning potential is also really high and your time will be well spent in this stunning underwater world of mystery and adventure!